Cruise Vacation Ideas – How to make the best of your Cruise Experience

  1. Vacation on a cruise ship could be an enjoyable moment or it could be a nightmare. Here, we give you Cruise Vacation Ideas so you will have the best cruising experience. From preparation before you go for a cruise and what to do during your cruising.

Find A Travel Agent

First you need to find a travel agent where you can have conversation on your preference. A professional will be of great use for planning and suggestions. They can probably suggest the best whether you are traveling as a couple, family with kids, with other family or groups.

Once you have decided the dates, cruise, and cruise destinations, you are now ready for the preparations.

Very Important!

Aside from bringing your medications, don’t forget to bring Anti-Nausea motion travel sickness band. You can never predict your condition when it comes to traveling.  If you have not experienced sea sickness yet, never wish for it, you will not like it at all.

Depending on your itinerary or destinations, prepare enough clothing for the right weather. In my other posts, I will be giving you insights on specific place and specific activities, like where you can experience zip-line, bungee jumping and more.

Arrive Early On Your Joining Ports

Just like boarding an airplane, you have to be at the joining port at least 1 hour before, so you have enough time to rest and prepare for the boarding. You can have your luggage check-in and have more time taking pictures before boarding. There are wheel chair assists available on most cruise ship if you need one.

Be Always careful and watch your steps when passing the ship gangway (stairs or bridge). They are very safe but it is better to be cautious yourself. Remember, you are just starting your cruise and you don’t want to be injured.

Once you are in your cabin (room), look for the guides and schedules of activities and restaurants. Locate your life jackets, familiarize your cabin location. Locate where the bow (front) and aft (back) of the ship. On big ship, once you are inside, you can get lost easily.

On Princess Cruises, there is a schedule after boarding, where you can talk to the Maitre D’ (Restaurant Manager), about your requests for table, allergies and anything about dining.

What Are The Most Popular Cruises

The most popular cruises are Carnival, Disney, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean. These are the cruises that usually fits in your budget with excellent service and thousands of menu selections.

I worked at Princess Cruises before and I can share why people choose Princess. If you are a soda addict, they have a great deal where you can drink soda all you can for the whole cruise, isn’t that exciting? Main dining rooms has a beautiful ambiance, great service and it is open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Buffet is open 24 hours so you will never be hungry. There are specialty restaurants with a minimal fee. The menus are great. Coffee, tea time in the afternoon, ice cream and cookies plus burgers, hot dogs and fries by the pool, they are all free!

Cabins are clean because cabin stewardess’ are well-trained. Room service is available where you can have a champagne breakfast or a lobster dinner at your balcony.

The shows on board are elegant. Professional entertainers are very eager to present to you their best performances every time they perform.

If you are with kids, you can leave them at the kids club, where most of the ship has. Babysitting on late nights are also available with a little fee. Lots of activities for kids and adults on board.

Wrap Up

To make the best of your cruise, plan, plan. After you have decided for your destination, search at home what are the exciting stuffs for that place.

Example, if your cruise itinerary is Korea and Japan, search in advance and know the places.

  • Pusan, South Korea – it you are a nature lover, you might consider Haeundai Beach and the mountains. For food lovers, look  for the Grill Restaurant where you can eat all you can ( it is their specialty food, gogui-gui). Grilled meat with kimchi should not be missed. If you are shopping then make sure you go to Gijang and Bujeon Flea Markets. Lots of souvenirs and interesting Korean items.
  • Kobe, Japan – take a train to Kobe station and you will find shopping streets and China town. Of course, you should not miss the world’s famous Kobe beef! But besides that, there are lots of food that locals enjoy.


Gyouza – is an authentic Japanese style dumpling filled with meat and veggies and wrap in a thin dough. You can have it fried, steamed or boiled. You can get gyouza in just any noodle shop or some casual restaurant. It has a dipping sauce of soy sauce, vinegar and a chili garlic oil.



Ramen Noodles – this is my favorite food here. There are different varieties of Ramen, soy sauce flavor, salt, pork broth or miso (bean paste) flavor. The soup is always prepared every day and noodles are made freshly. They are handmade noodles. Ramen can have roasted pork, veggies, leeks, chives and even boiled eggs. Some noodle shops offer unlimited white rice and Kimchi. Ramen pairs well with gyouza.



Okonomiyaki – I call it Japanese pancake. This dish is a flour based mixture with cabbage usually cooked in a griddle in front of customers. You can have toppings like pork, chicken, shrimp, octopus, fish flakes or whatever you want available in their menu. It is more pizza-like in the sense that you can put any toppings you like. Okonomiyaki simply means “whatever you like grilled”. This is an essential comfort food for Japanese.



Takoyaki – another local specialty ball-shaped snacks or street food. It is a flour batter filled with octopus, tempura scraps, green onion and pickled ginger cooked in a special grilling pan with holes. Vendors use sticks to turn the balls while cooking. It is then put on a small plate, topped in takoyaki sauce (similar taste to Worcestershire sauce), some Japanese mayonnaise and garnished with seaweed and dried bonito (fish) flakes.



Happy Eating!

Of course from Kobe Port, you don’t want to miss the most popular heritage place Kyoto. It is like 1 & 1/2 hrs. approximate from Kobe by train. This is where you will find thousands of temples and so much interesting things regarding Japanese history.

Golen Temple
Ginka kuji, Kyoto,Japan

Ginkaku-ji is just one of the best temple you will see in Kyoto, Japan.

Hope You Guys Enjoyed

So Guys thank you. These are just some Cruising Vacation Ideas that will surely help make your cruising truly enjoyable and memorable. By doing this ahead of time, there will be no waste of your time asking where to go and what to do as you have very limited time on ports. Happy Sailing!

Don’t forget to leave your comments or if you have any question for a certain destination, I am very pleased to feature that.






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