Fear To Travel -How To Get Over Your Fears

Fear to TravelThe most difficult part of traveling is the fear…fear for traveling for the first time. It takes a lot of courage to leave the place and surroundings you are used to and journey into the unknown. For others, it is easy to make a leap while it take’s a lot more difficult to others.

The first thing I want to tell you is don’t be afraid to travel. There are so many reasons and alibis why one doesn’t want or cannot go on travel. “I might get lost at the airport.” “I am scared of long flights.” “I can’t afford it.” “It is not safe to go there.” I don’t know what to do”.

With all this fear and doubts, it is easier for someone to stay home in his or her comfort zone. Some just dream of one perfect day to come when they will finally travel. But you know, it will never come. You’ve got to do it now or too late New things and excuses will just keep coming every day, bills to pay, no enough money to pay the trip, wedding to attend and so on and so forth. So, right now, I want to reassure you that you will be able to do the right thing to travel.

Millions have traveled abroad ahead of you

During my first trip to Japan, all I have in mind was that I am not the first person to travel to this place and they were just fine. That mindset help me ease my fear. There are even as young as students for a student exchange program to travel for a long-term trips and they made it. They come home safe and whole.

You won’t be the first person to leave home and explore places they don’t know. You are not alone too, that doesn’t know where you are heading, so for sure you would be able to meet other travelers on the road to comfort you. My first time to take a train from Otaru to Hokkaido (Japan), I know it will take me an hour to reach my destination but because of the language I feel so scared I might get lost. Luckily, the girl besides me, who is a student, is heading at the same station so I ask her to guide me to the exit. Mostly train stations in Japan has so many exits that once you missed will take you more time to find it. You will always be fine.

If other people could travel around the world, then why couldn’t you? Before I travel to Japan, I don’t have any idea what is in there. Except I knew the weather is cold, their money is Yen, people doesn’t speak much English but do not have any idea about the place. Nobody steps out into the world knowing it all. They pick it up along the way. Don’t doubt yourself. You get by in your regular life just fine. The same will be true when you travel.

MediaIt isn’t that dangerous as the Media says

Major media outlets often make the world look like a pretty scary place. They paint a picture of a world filled with violence, kidnapping, natural disasters and lots of crime. But in all my years traveling, except for one situation in Tunisia, that is when I was on train heading to the Gates of Tunisia, where my wallet was almost robbed but I was alert enough to stop them, I never encountered any dangerous attacks just because I am a tourist. One reason why the world seems so dangerous these days is because we have the social media that in seconds of anything happens, the world knows right away.

When there was a war between militant and the government troops in Northen Mindanao, Philippines, it seems like the whole country is so dangerous to visit when you hear it in the media. I can even see you tubers blogging exactly where the war is on going. Even with the Martial Law, it is not that dangerous at all.

Realize that everyone around the world wants the same things that you want. They all have jobs, families, and things to do. Want their kids to be safe, earn money, and be allowed to live life. Want to be left alone. They aren’t looking for trouble. Travelers from all corners of the world crossing paths every day without any problems. In any city in the world, use your street smarts to avoid dodgy situations, and you will be fine. Even in some parts of Tokyo, where the U.S. Department of State assessed as low-threat location for crimes, can be just as unsafe as other parts of the world.

As a whole, the world is no more or less safe than any part of Canada. Using common sense, you will not encounter any problems you can’t find in Canadian City.

No age limit

There is never too young nor too old to travel. I met a lot of families traveling with small little ones. There were solo travelers age 70 – 80 years old who are still enjoying themselves. They are of no difference to us.

My mom who is 67 years of age, when she first travel to Canada was so scared at first. On the airport she met travelers who are by themselves too. Travelers are friendly and want to met friends. So then, her fear turned into excitement and an enjoyable trip.

Never allow your age to stop you from traveling the world. Whatever your goal when you leave home might be the same goal to majority of the travelers, make friends, share stories and enjoy. You can be one of those friends they want to meet.

Shorten Trips

During your first trip booking, you might feel so excited that you planned for a longer time in one place. Let’s say you booked two weeks in Jamaica. Then when you came there you found out that one week is enough because you had been to all the tourist spots and already enjoyed. You can always shorten your trip and come back home any time.

Some first time travelers also feel like they want to be back home soon, they missed their home, their usual activities and routines. There is no shame on cutting your trips short. Your main goal for traveling is for you to be satisfied and to enjoy. It is your trip.

There are so many reasons that is holding up people as to why they don’t want to travel. Some think that they have family and children, it is impossible to travel. Almost everywhere I go, I see families traveling. Even when I was at Dead Sea in Israel, there where families with kids. These children will soon be an adult and you won’t have time to enjoy with them. This is the last chance to do something really special together as a family. Kids who are studying can be given homework while they are away.

Another barrier to travel is the bills and mortgages. There are ways we can save if we plan ahead. Around the world, you can find hundreds of destinations that won’t cost you $50 per day. Example, when you travel to Bohol, Philippines, you can find $800 – $1000 two-way flights. Hotels are $30 per day with breakfast. Nice resorts and tourist destinations.

For every excuse, there is a solution. Think again that you are not the first person to travel alone and everything went well. By remembering those tips above, I hope this will ease your fears.

Think of those wonderful beaches and resorts, the great foods you will experience, if you go to Europe. Think of those beautiful cities and Middle Ages. Feel this and you will never be afraid.


To wrap this up, I encourage you to leave some tips in the comment section that you think will help other travelers and those who are just planning.

I hope this will help you decide to travel now, now that you are still able and can enjoy. Don’t wait until health is of limitations. Leave all your fear behind.

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